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small batch Judaica & adornments handmade in London, UK

  • Motek Magens: Black satin background with various coloured Star of David shaped earrings laid out. They are made of marbled acrylic in glacier green, bubblegum pink, cool lilac and cyan blue. Each earring has heart cut-outs. Tchochke, Judaica, London, UK
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  • XXS Magen David earrings made with a watercolour effect acrylic, embellished with cats-eye glass beads. The earrings are being held by a white-skinned hand in front of a bright green background. Tchochke, Judaica, London, UK
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tchochke [ch-aa-ch-kee]
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Fun, contemporary & non-traditional Judaica designed for all Jews, no matter their background, denomination or path to the tribe

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artwork by @thevirtruvianwoman

  • Our work is a love-letter to the diverse and contemporary nature of the world's Jewry

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    Resistance through Jewish Joy

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