About Tchochke

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Welcome to Tchochke.

Tchochke is the destination for handmade, contemporary Judaica. We are Ashkenazi owned, and based in London, UK.

Our name Tchochke is a variation on the word “tchotchke”; a Yiddish word meaning a decorative trinket or bric-a-brac.

Tchochke centres Jewish Joy in their creative process, and our items are a love letter to the diverse and contemporary nature of the worlds Jewry. Tchochke strives to offer a range of products that help Jews from all backgrounds to feel valid, included and represented. 

While we occassionaly make items suitable for a non-Jewish market, we thank you for being respectful that many items are exclusively for our Jewish customers - or for you to purchase for your Jewish friends and family. 

Digital artwork of Jess, a white-skinned woman, with red lips and dark hair, wearing flowery earrings and flower necklace, wearing a red top.
All items are handmade by Jess. Artwork of Jess & logo by @bbysketchbook
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