Care Information & FAQs

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How to care for your items:

Currently tchochkes are handmade with either polymer clay, acrylic or resin. These materials can scratch and break under pressure, so be sure to handle and store with care. It is best to store your tchochkes hung up, out of direct sunlight and away from anything that might scratch them. 

Cleaning: To clean any of your polymer clay items it is fine to use a small amount of soap, and a damp cloth. To clean your acrylic items, you can use rubbing alcohol or soapy water and microfibre cloth (glasses/screen wipes work pretty well too!). Make sure you wipe carefully around any non-acrylic, or painted parts of the item. If you want to clean the metal of your jewellery, please check which metal is used and follow appropriate advice online accordingly.

A note about handmade items
The charm of handmade items are their individuality, and the love and care that has gone into making them. Sometimes, there may be small "flaws" which are all part of the beautiful process, and do not affect the overall look and function of the item. Please treat any artists, makers and small businesses you purchase from with kindness when buying.


Do you ship internationally? Yes, I ship worldwide. Please get in touch to inquire about shipping fees in your country.

How long does it take for items to ship?
All orders are dispatched within 10 working days of the order being received. Any custom orders or made-to-order items please allow up to 4 weeks for your item to be made and dispatched. If you have any queries about your order please email me

Do you take custom orders?
Yes, I open slots for custom orders periodically. To check if I am taking custom orders you can use the contact form on my website, or email me

Do you have a refund policy? 
At this current time it is only possible for me to offer refunds on items that arrived heavily damaged. I cannot offer refunds on postage. Thank you for understanding this. 

Can I return or exchange my item?: 
 We do not offer returns or exhanges on products for health and safety reasons. Please remember to read listings thoroughly, and contact us ahead of the drop with any queries about items before purchasing. In some cases, you may be able to return your item to us for alterations - in these cases we cannot cover shipping costs, and we ask that you use a tracked shipping method and sufficient protective packaging to return your item.

Will I get customs charges? 
With the changing EU regulations, if you order to somewhere within the EU you may have to pay a customs fee. We apologise for the inconvenience but this is beyond my control at this time and appreciate your understanding on this matter.

 Who can wear tchochkes?
Most tchochkes are aimed towards our Jewish customers. We thank you for being respectful of this, however do encourage you to feel free to purchase from Tchochke for your Jewish friends or family. We are also very happy for our hamsot and nazar designs to be worn by folks who it is also culturally relevant to.

Our mission: 
We aim for our Judaica items to speak to Jewish folk from all backgrounds, including but not exclusive to: religious or secular Jews, LGBTQIA+ Jews, Jews of Colour, Jews via conversion or in the process of conversion, patrilineal Jews, all no matter how “strong” you feel your connection to Judaism as a religion.

We are proud to be worn by all of you, and if there’s ever anything we can do to represent you even better never hesitate to drop us an email.
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